Sep 24 2014

US Citizen Stranded Overseas

US Citizen Stranded Overseas

If you are a US Citizen Stranded Overseas due to civil unrest, climatic disasters or economic hardship- You may qualify for a repatriation loan from the U.S. Government under these specific situations.

However, following the guidelines listed below may facilitate your safe return to the United States in the event of a catastrophic event where you find yourself stranded overseas…

Precautionary Measures Before Departing

Before departing the US for vacation or overseas adventure, keep this in mind: we are living in a time where political upheaval, natural disasters and crime is elevated throughout the world, including right in our backyards.

The following tips are measures which we should adhere to and include in our home based survival kit a.k.a. bug out bag:

  • Make three (3) copies of your Passport Identification page and Visa, if applicable;
  • Leave two (2) copies with family and friends whom you can readily contact in an emergency;
  • Take a copy with you; keep it in a separate safe place from your actual original Passport;
  • Leave copies of your itinerary and other details of your travels with friends and family- as they too can contact the authorities regarding your whereabouts in the event of a catastrophic event;
  • Scan and email a copy of your documents to yourself for subsequent retrieval if needed;
  • Travel with four (4) Passport Photos (taken within 30 days of your recent travels);
  • Take various forms of identifications; such as and not limited to : State Driver’s License, School ID, Work ID…;
  • Take a copy of your Birth Certificate, Certificate of Naturalization or Certificate of Citizenship, whichever is applicable;
  • Make sure to keep the foregoing items in a safe place to protect them from theft ….

Extended Stay Precautions

If planning to remain in one particular country or territory overseas for an extended period (over two weeks) or if country conditions are unstable: register with the US Embassy promptly upon your arrival- this will ensure or facilitate their ability to contact you in the event of an emergency and/or evacuation of US Citizens from the region.

Lost or Stolen Passport

Report lost or stolen passport promptly to relevant authorities/police as soon as possible and be sure to request an official report.

Items Needed To Apply For Passport

  • Police Report;
  • DS-64 Form;
  • DS-11 Form;
  • Passport Photos, taken within the last 30 days.
  • Use this link for Locations where to apply by zip code within the USA.
  • Utilize a Passport/Visa Expedite Service; or the Expedited Services of the US Department of State.

Apply for a Passport Stateside

Medical Emergencies

For medical emergencies overseas contact the local US Embassy for a listing of Doctors/Hospitals or Medivac Services that cover the country location.

Repatriation Loan

In the event that you are unable to provide the funds for your own transportation back to the USA, you may apply for a Repatriation Loan.

Non US Citizen Resources If Stranded Overseas

Eligibility may include the following:

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Stranded In USA During Events In Your Homeland

Eligibility may include the following:

Catastrophic Events In Your Homeland

While Overseas

Eligibility includes:

  • Refugee Status;
  • Humanitarian Parole.

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US Citizen Stranded Overseas” References

Emergency “911” by Country(pdf)

US Dept. of State- Emergencies and Crises

US Dept. of State- Send Money to US Citizens Overseas

US Embassies and Consulates

International Travel InformationAlerts/ Warnings/Country Specific Information

US Department of State

FEMACatastrophic Event Resources (pdf)


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